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Материалы VI Конференции RASA-USA (November 7-8, 2015, Washington, DC)

Conference Chair/Organizer: Nikolai Vasilyev, Igor Efimov Программа 2015_RUS_FINAL Программа 2015 EN_FINAL Пресс-Релиз_Конференция_RASA-USA_RUS Пресс-Релиз_Конференция_RASA-USA_ENG Shiltsev_RASAUSA2015_v2 Moskalenko_RASA Master_Program_ENG_Bios_updated GAMOW_SESSION_1 GAMOW_POSTER_v2 Gamow Award v3

Bakulev Readings, November 23, 2015

Joint Meeting – Teleconference Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons of Russia (ACVSR) and Russian American Science Association (RASA-USA) November 23, 2015 A.N. Bakulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, Moscow, Russia – The Russian Cultural Centre,...

Welcome to the VI Annual Conference!

Dear colleagues and friends! Welcome to the VI Annual Conference of the Russian American Science Association (RASA-USA)! The Conference takes place in the wonderful new Science and Engineering Hall of the George Washington University,...