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“Physics, Peace, Human Rights”

Sakharov 100: Celebrating Andrei Sakharov’s Contributions to Science and Humanity May 21, 2021 11:00 am to 4:00 pm EST To commemorate the 100th birthday of famed physicist and human rights activist Andrei Sakharov, a...

2020 RASA Global Сonference

December 5-6, 2020, Virtual Conference Dear colleagues and friends! A worldwide conference of the Russian-speaking academic scientists association (“RASA-Global”) along with the XI Annual Conference of the Russian-American Science Association – RASA (America) will...

Materials of the 10th RASA-America conference, November 9-10 2019, Chapel Hill, USA

  RASA-2019 Conference Program 2019_RASA_Corrected_FINALDownload Vladimir Shiltsev (Distinguished Scientist, FermiLab) “Mendeleev – Genius: Table and beyond (vodka, ether, coffee and economy)” (in Russian) Anatoliy Popov (Associate Professor of Radiology, U of Pennsylvania)“Smart NIR fluoroprobes...

Proceedings of the 9th Conference of RASA-America

November 2-4, 2018, Washington, DC Conference Chair: Alexander Kabanov / LOC Chair: Igor Efimov / Program Chair: Vladimir Shiltsev / Gamow Award Committee Chair: Vadim Gladyshev RASA2018_Booklet_v4a ABRIKOSOV_Session 2018_1 N Avanesov RASA2 Borisova_RASA18 Butler_Advent of...

Ninth RASA-Amercia Conference Completed

The ninth RASA-America Conference held in American University and University of George Washington on November 2-4, 2018 in Washington, DC has completed its work. The Association’s Coordinating Committee added four new members – Tatiana...

Материалы VI Конференции RASA-USA (November 7-8, 2015, Washington, DC)

Conference Chair/Organizer: Nikolai Vasilyev, Igor Efimov Программа 2015_RUS_FINAL Программа 2015 EN_FINAL Пресс-Релиз_Конференция_RASA-USA_RUS Пресс-Релиз_Конференция_RASA-USA_ENG Shiltsev_RASAUSA2015_v2 Moskalenko_RASA Master_Program_ENG_Bios_updated GAMOW_SESSION_1 GAMOW_POSTER_v2 Gamow Award v3

Материалы V Конференции RASA-USA (November 8-9, 2014, Boston, MA)

Conference Chair/Organizer: Artem Oganov / Nikolai Vasilyev Speakers_RASA_2014_bios_final Shiltsev_RASA_2014_TALK2 Shiltsev_RASA_2014 Sagdeev_RASA_2014 Program_RASA_Boston_2014 Predlozheniya_RASA_final Ogorodova_RASA_2014 Oganov_RASA_2014 Myagkov_RASA_2014 Lebedev_RASA_2014 Kabanov_RASA_2014b Goncharov_RASA_2014 Gogotsi_RASA_2014 Fertman_RASA_2014 Erlinger_White_RASA_2014 Artem_RASA_v4 Aicher_RASA_2014 Zakharov_RASA_2014 Vinogradsky_RASA_2014 Valamat-Zade_RASA_2014 ValamatZade_FNE_RASA_2014 Ufimtsev_RASA_2014

Материалы IV Конференции RASA-USA (October 12-13, 2013, Clearwater, FL)

Conference Chair/Organizer : Vladimir Shiltsev, Artem Oganov RASA_Oganov1 RASA_Oganov2 RASA_Oliferenko RASA_Petrovskiy RASA_Shiltsev_v1 RASA_Shiltsev2_v1 RASA_Tsyganov RASA_Vasserman Agenda_RASA2013_final RASA Conference 2013_Photo RASA_Alenushkin RASA_Alenushkin2 RASA_Kilina RASA_Klimenko RASA_Kozlov RASA_Myagkov RASA_Oganov0

Материалы III Конференции RASA-USA (November 09-10, 2012, Philadelphia, PA)

Conference Organizer/Chair: Elena Atochina-Vasserman / Vladimir Shiltsev RASA_Agenda 2012_v4 RASA_Chasovskikh_Cell-fre DNA RASA_Dezhina RASA_Dezhina_1 RASA-Oganov-2012 RASA-presentation RASA-Ronell_presentation RASA-US_2012Report_Shiltsev_v1 Uzhinsky_ATK_RASA2012 Yasterjembsky_Beton_RASA2012 121110_Sk_Cluster_eng 121110_Sk_Cluster_eng AARW Presentation Cell-fre DNA FEFU Presentation. Galima LomonosovVenus_Reenact_v1_Shiltsev RAMA History 2002-12 RAsA Varticovski

Материалы II Конференции RASA-USA (October 13-16, 2011, Las Vegas, NV )

Conference Chair: Igor Efimov LOMONOSOV_RASA_Shiltsev Otchet_RASA_Conf_LV2011 RASA_USA_2010_1011_reporrt Shiltsev Sagdeev_LAS VEGAS CONFERENCE2 Terekhov_Rasa las vegas Vinogradova_RASA_2011 Agenda_Nov1 2011 Efimov_Presentation_USA_2011 Galanzha_RASA-2011 Gozman_MODERNIZATION Kozlov_NCI CAPR Presentation RASA-RAMA Mtg Oct 14 2011  

Kabanov to Lead Russian-American Science Society

University North Carolina at Chapel Hill posted an article about RASA-America annual conference in Chicago, Nov. 4-5 2017 and the election of Alexander Kabanov a new RASA-America president: “Kabanov was elected to his new...